With a network of over 1,700 suppliers worldwide, Nightscape Tech can find and deliever the best solution for you or your organization.

Secure & Private EMail

The Kopano Groupware Platform combines EMail, Team Chat, Video Conferencing, and Calendaring into one easy to use platform. We can provide secure hosting in our datacenter, or on-prem installation in your environment.

Phone Systems

The FreePBX system scales from a few desk phones, to tens of thousands of handsets across multiple offices. It is highly customizable, feature-rich, and includes a simple user interface for managing extensions and call routes.

Video Security

“Intelligent Solutions for a Safer World” – Security products from Dahua combine industry-leading features, such as license plate capture, auto tracking, color night vision, 360 degree view, people counting, and heatmaps, into one product.

Interactive Flat Panels

The future of interactive whiteboards for education and meeting room presentations is here! Viewsonic IFPs provide a full interactive experience out of the box, support wireless streaming from all major operating systems, and have 20 simultaneous touch points.


Ubiquiti UniFi wireless and wired network appliances provide central management from a “Single Pane of Glass”, while their EdgeMax products provide extensive enterprise features and flexibility at a great price.



Through our distributors, we have access to a wide range of products from Lenovo, Dell, HP, and Microsoft. Device rentals and leases are also available for everything that we sell.