What is HermonNet?

HermonNet is a collaboration between the Hermon School Department and Nightscape Tech that aims to provide affordable internet access to the Town of Hermon. The school department provides many services as a way to “give back” to the community. They allow public access to many athletic and school facilities, public library access, and community recreation programs. HermonNet is another such program. During the day the school department requires a significant internet connection to facilitate learning, while in the evenings that connection is lightly used. The purpose of HermonNet is to provide Hermon residents with a way to access that untapped bandwidth.

In the past, Hermon residents were provided access to this bandwidth via dial-up phone lines. Telephone companies such as FairPoint, Verizon, and GWI provided the “digital road” from a resident’s house to the dial-up equipment at Hermon High School over the telephone network. Unfortunately, telephone lines cannot support the speeds that people have come to expect from the modern internet, so a new plan had to be devised. Newer, faster “roads” were needed to connect residents to the High School, which is where Nightscape Tech stepped in.

Nightscape Tech has helped the school department create a redundant loop of point to point wireless links around the town, for the purpose of supporting school and municipal operations. We can connect residents to this network using small wireless radios mounted on the outside of their homes. However, while the equipment to do this is very affordable, it cannot be provided for free. Just as Verizon, FairPoint, GWI, etc. required a monthly fee to build and maintain their “roads”, Nightscape Tech also requires a small fee to build and maintain our network. We have managed to bring our fee for residents down to $9.99/month and small businesses to $34.99/month.

The purpose of this fee is to cover the cost of maintaining the wireless equipment that connects a resident to the Hermon High School. Nightscape Tech is not selling internet access, we are simply providing the new “road” to the internet access that the school department makes available.




$9.99/month with a $99.99 basic installation fee

Business Community

$34.99, with a $99.99 basic installation fee

Dedicated Access

Ask for pricing. We are able to provide custom options for larger businesses or residents with specific needs.


Q. If the school department is providing the internet access, why is it not free?

A. The monthly fee is associated with the upkeep and management of the wireless infrastructure that connects you to the school. When HermonNet started, the phone company provided this infrastructure for a monthly fee (in the form of a telephone line), and HermonNet customers used Dial-up modems to connect over the phone lines that they paid the phone company for.

Q. Does it only work in the evenings?

A. The connection will work 24/7. The idea is that the vast majority of citizens will be utilizing their bandwidth in the evenings, when they get home from work or school. Bandwidth is still available during the day, however the school takes priority in the event that the available bandwidth becomes limited.

Are there any limits?

Is it filtered like the school department?

Why do businesses have to pay more?