Why choose Nightscape?


Our Open Source solutions integrate into your existing environment, rather than forcing you into a proprietary silo.


We are constantly evaluating new hardware and software to ensure we offer the best solutions to our customers.


Everything we sell is used extensively within Nightscape, to ensure that we can provide full support when you need it.


Open Source software is backed by a distributed community of users, driving costs down and constantly adding new features.

 Nightscape Tech is an IT Consulting and Resourcing company located in eastern Maine. While officially incorporated in 2015, our staff has 20+ years of IT experience with Linux, FOSS, and wired/wireless networking technologies.


Network Infrastructure

We support Ubiquiti routers, switches, and access points. They are an affordable alternative to traditional manufacturers, with enterprise level features and management dashboards.

CPO Systems

CPO Systems, or Certified Pre-Owned Systems, are computers that have gone through a typical business cycle. These were leased by an organization, or sold to a Certified Microsoft Refurbisher after an upgrade. Nightscape Tech specializes Read more…

Interactive Projectors

Nightscape Tech specializes in BenQ Interactive Projection systems. Their modular design, cross platform compatibility, and low cost make them ideal for schools and businesses alike.

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